We provide complete geotechnical engineering services on all the Hawaiian Islands. We perform site investigations, laboratory soil testing and evaluation, engineering analysis, geotechnical report preparation, construction phase observation and testing, slope stability analysis, and grading conformance letters upon project completion.  Our nuclear density gages are maintained and calibrated on a regular basis in accordance with the strict requirements of the NRC, and our field compaction test methods are accredited by AASHTO.

We also perform investigations, evaluations, and expert opinions and testimony for distressed structures and projects, which are common in Hawaii due to widespread problematic soil conditions.

Our specialty is geotechnical engineering in the Hawaiian Islands, which have very unique and highly variable volcanic soils that require both technical engineering expertise and extensive local experience to properly evaluate and design for.  

We have worked on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii and we have extensive experience with landslides on Oahu.

We have a LEED accredited professional on staff and our laboratory is accredited by AMRL, a division of AASHTO.  We have an excellent Dun and Bradstreet rating.